Innovation and authenticity combine with the highest quality craftsmanship and quiet sustainability for comfortable, flattering, and luxurious seamless leggings to elevate any workout.


Exquisitely Crafted and Incredibly Comfortable Seamless Workout Leggings

At Reformer, our seamless leggings are handmade in Los Angeles by a team with a combined experience of over 100 years in seamless knitting. This technique helps us reduce waste while also offering a smooth design that flows with your movements. Wear these seamless leggings during workouts, and you’ll be supported across all movements. Each pair of seamless workout leggings is made from exceptional materials, including recycled yarn, for a sleek, sophisticated look.

Compression Leggings for Comfort and Flexibility

Compression leggings offer maximum comfort for even the toughest workouts. Designed to provide optimal support, these designer leggings can help improve your workout performance. Compression leggings boost blood flow to your muscles, giving your body more energy to handle a wide range of exercises.

Our seamless compression leggings feature handmade craftsmanship that allows you to move easily during workouts. This flexibility means you can stretch, lift weights, practice yoga poses, or do an intense cardio workout while your seamless leggings move with your body. Choose from a variety of colors to go with our seamless workout tops for a flawless look at the gym, outside, or anywhere you work out.

Soft and Stylish Textured Workout Leggings

Reformer’s textured leggings provide the ideal seamless workout leggings for lighter workouts, including day-to-day activities and low-intensity exercises. We offer the finest quality craftsmanship through seamless knitting techniques, so you can comfortably wear these textured and ribbed leggings throughout your day, not just during exercise routines.

Our textured workout leggings have a soft finish and luxurious look and feel. Wear them at the gym, when you're out running errands, or taking a stroll around your neighborhood. Their seamless design creates a smooth, streamlined appearance that goes with many kinds of workouts tops and shirts.

Pair our designer leggings with our seamless sports bras and workout tops. These workout items also feature our commitment to outstanding quality, luxury, and quiet sustainability.

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